Bunny's Bio


Hello. My name is Bunny Sue, but you may know me as Bunny Glamazon. Raised in a southern town in Indiana, I moved around the country until finally settling in Georgia in 1990.

Life can be difficult for a 6th grader, who is already six feet tall and wearing a size ten shoe. I towered over my fellow students and teachers alike. And to top it all off, my real name is Bunny Sue. Not only was I harassed because of my height but can you imagine what I went through being over six feet tall with a name like Bunny? It gave me a real appreciation for “A Boy Named Sue.”

To support my two children, I started out my career as an exotic dancer. This led to a traveling feature show and wrestling and domination at clubs throughout the country. After retiring for a couple of years, I attempted to re-enter the industry and was told my only option was porn. I gave them a “no thank you” and proceeded to build my own career.

After doing well on a couple of wrestling sites, I went on to open my own web site. I had a good relationship with my, then, partners but after some creative differences and failing to come to an understanding, It was time to move on to “bigger and better” projects.

I have opened a new, user friendly website. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer. I am fortunate to enjoy what I do in my sessions. I bring your fantasies into reality and our sessions are always private, confidential and discrete. I am also looking for my soul mate. I have more information about that in my member's area.

Welcome to my world. Enjoy.