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  • Bunny Glamazon is looking for an experienced "Ghost Writer" who can work with her in writing an autobiography of her exciting life story. If you are a writer with experience please contact Bunny Glamazon at: bunnyglamazon1@hotmail.com
  • Bunny is looking for someone to work with her on doing Blue screen videos, making Giant Fantacies Films. If this is something that you can help her with please e-mail her at bunnyglamazon1@hotmail.com 08-26-2005
  • I am now starting to offer my videos in DVD so you can see them on your DVD player or computer with a DVD player. At the present time they are only in the U.S. NTSC standard not the European PAL standard.They are being burnt on DVD-R so make sure your DVD palyer is compatable. Click here to make sure your DVD player is compatible 03-07-2004
  • Bunny new video from her Playboy Sexetera filming is in her On Line Story today. It is called "Bunny's Playboy Sexetera Shoot" (A behind the scenes look at an Amazon). 04-11-2003
  • Bunny Glamazon would appreciate any of her fans that are interested in giving her their opinion on what fetish they are into, why they feel they have their fetish, and where it stems from and what satisfaction they get from acting it out.
    There is a writer and producer in the UK that is interested in publishing a book about her fetish world and if she could get her fans to write a paragraph about their fetish, she would like to dedicate at least one chapter of their opinions in this book.
    Please email Bunny at bunnyglamazon1@hotmail.com 03-16-2003
  • Bunny will be in London England March 10th and needs short models for a Channel 4 TV shoot. If you are interested please contact Bunny at bunnyglamazon1@hotmail.com 01-13-2003
  • "Bunny is planning on going to Europe in the summer. If you are interested in her coming to your country, please email her at bunnyglamazon1@hotmail. com and she will put you in her books. Please put what city and country you are from in the subject line. Must be 21 and over." 12-09-2002
  • Bunny Glamazon's recent shoot for The Playboy Channel's show Sexcetera will air on the Playboy channel starting April 6th. It will be repeated throughtout the month of April. Check out your local cable listings for times. 10-16-2002
  • Bunny Glamazon is doing a MAJOR shoot for The Playboy Chanel in LA Sept. 23 & 24th. She needs males or females who want to participate in a Bunny Glamazon Session for The Playboy Channel. For more information contact Bunny at bunnyglamazon1@hotmail.com. She will also be available for PRIVATE sessions in LA from Sept. 25th and 26th. 07-29-2002
  • Bunny Glamazon's European Tour starts on July 2nd thru the 20th. In that she will be having more trouble accessing her emails overseas, PLEASE only email her about Europe business till she gets back on the 20th. 06-30-2002
  • Bunny Glamazon's European Tour this July has been changed. She will visit the following places: Roma sessions 3-4-5 July Venice sessions 7-8-9 July Milano sessions 10th. July Zuerich sessions 11-12-13 JULY CANCELLED Frankfurt sessions 15-16-17th. July changed: 11-12-13 July. Anyone interested please email Bunny at bunnyglamazon1@hotmail.com . 06-15-2002
  • New in my MEMBER'S Area are all the pictures from the month of October from my CD-ROM. This will give you an example of 1 of the 12 months of pictures on my CD which is for sale in my ONLINE STORE. I really think you will like them, but BEWARE the pics are XXXRated. 05-14-2002
  • BUNNY GLAMAZON is preparing an EUROPEAN Tour this July again, concentrating now in Italy: Rome, Florence, Venice and Switzerland, and maybe also Germany and the Benelux - all depending on interest shown by public. The uncrowned Queen of Amazons - 6'3" (in heels 6'11"), 220 lbs, extremely strong and beautiful, has many issues to offer: wrestling, domination, worship, etc. etc. See her website www.bunnyglamazon.com for more details. Bunny will love to hear from you if you might be interested in a session with her in Italy, Switzerland, Germany or the Benelux this July. Then please write to bunnyglamazon1@hotmail.com . Tell something about your session preferences: domiantion, wrestling, fetishes etc. Without obligation 04-28-2002
  • My new video "A Smorgasbord of Fetishes" was just released. Check out my Online Store 03-07-2002
  • Don't forget to check out my Tour page to find out where I am traveling throught the year. 01-01-2002
  • Hey Guys welcome to my WEB site and its new look. I hope you enjoy your experience here. 01-01-2002

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