Just to let you know that I am now living in Evansville, IN and I have a session house here. I give a discount when I do them here!!!! And I also have weekend stay-overs.

If you like to take advantage of this when I am here at home please e-mail or give me a call on my cell phone
at 229-630-6741.

I can see you for 1 hour at $400.00. One For a discount session offer is, I pick you up from the airport and take you back the next day, We do a 4hrs. session and after the session we can go out to eat for $1200.00 I hope to see you here .

Improtant Notice

I will be in Las Vegas NV in October 2018 for filming and sessions. I am also looking for small little men to be in videos with me

For more information,
Please contact me at Bunny_6.3_glamazon@aol.com Thank you

Bunny Glamazon

How can you get a session with Bunny?


Dates Location Comments
U.S. Tour Information 2017 - 2018
Jan 3 - 4 Allentown, PA Special Holiday Prices Sessions
October 10 - 22 2018 Las Vegas, NV Sessions & Filming Looking for Models
Dec 8 - ? Evansville, IN (Discount with 4 hour session) Sessions & Filming

  Dates Location Comments
European Tour Information 2018
March 26 - 27 Milan, Italy Sessions
May 30 - June 12 Frankfort, Germany Sessions
Sessions and Filming