Bunny Glamazon's
Incompetent Worker


6'3'' Bunny Glamazon is a very important social worker and she needs to get things done. She has meetings and conferences that she needs to handle.

Well 5'2 1/2'' Brittany, is not making it easy for her. Brittany is just slaking off and doesn't want to do her work right.

Well this doesn’t make Ms.Glamazon happy what so ever! Bunny shows her the dominate boss that she can be. Bunny shoves her under the desk and uses her as a foot stool so she can relax while she is doing Brittany's work.

She also takes her in the room and shows her that she is nothing and that she can be real dominate if she has to. She shows Brittany that she doesn't take crap from anyone. Tons of Human furniture, verbal humiliation, full weight sitting, and much much more.

Shot on Digital8 tape and mastered on Super VHS for Perfect Video Quality. TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 40+ minutes

Also Available in the European PAL Standard .

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