Bunny Glamazon Presents
''Don't mess with the Queen Dom''


This video really has some differnt things that bunny has never done before!!.

Be the first to experience a whole new Bunny Glamazon!!! In these clips Bunny Glamazon is lifting and carrying 3 people AT ONCE!!!!! . 

Also she will be doing some lifts and carries with two girls on her back as she is doing calf raises. Bunny Glamazon starts getting bored and one of the girls talks back to her! 
     Well as you all know that is a big big NO NO!!! So Bunny Glamazon put this girl on an X, chains her hands and feet so she is unable to move, and tortures her with tickleing!!! .

 The girl gets tickled sooo much that she pees! Bunny Glamazon is always upset that the girls boyfriend wouldn't stop  laughing so she made his ass drink the girls right from the cup!!! 
      That will show him to laugh when Bunny Glamazon is around!! !

Shot on Digital8 tape and mastered on Super VHS for Perfect Video Quality. TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 30+ minutes of TOTAL ACTION !!!!!!

Also Available in the European PAL Standard .

AVAILABLE ON DVD   (Good with ALL country codes for computer use but only in NTSC Television Format so far. Not in European PAL yet) These are DVD-R Disks so if you are in-doubt

click here to make sure your DVD player is compatible


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  Purchase with Bitcoin in DVD both U. S. & Overseas (Only in NTSC Format) $65.00

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